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“suffering is our call to attention, our call to investigate the truth of our beliefs.”

-tara brach


begin your journey toward balance

rewrite the narrative, develop self-compassion, and cultivate self-awareness

Has an experience with depression or disappointment felt like a thousand pound weight on your shoulders? Has extreme heartache unexpectedly brought you to your knees? Does anxiety or stress ever make it hard to breathe? Do memories of painful, past experiences float around, trapped, in your mind?


 To be human is to feel pain and suffering. The hope that I wish to convey is that none of these experiences, and all the others just as difficult not mentioned, ever need be a constant state that we just simply have to endure. The weight and pressure can lessen, the oppressive pain holding us down can dissipate, and our minds can find calm and clarity. 


The balance we all want in our lives can be restored if it has been lost, rebuilt if it has been damaged, or newly constructed if it has never been present. Let’s work together to figure out what that process looks like for you and get building!

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