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frequently asked questions

how do I get things started?

Send me an email so that we can schedule a phone call. I offer a free 15-minute consultation over the phone so I can get a sense of whether or not I will be able to help you and whether I will be a good match or not. If it doesn't feel like a good fit, I have referrals I am happy to offer.

what's your availability?

I do have limited availability; I see clients in the late afternoon to early evening on Wednesday and early afternoon to late afternoon on Friday.

how much do you charge?

For a 50 minute session, my fee is $135.

how can I pay?

Cash, credit card, or FSA/HSA card accepted for payment at the time of service.

do you take insurance?

I have a percentage of insurance clients that I keep in my caseload. The only insurance company I am paneled with is United Healthcare. 

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